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This building challenges the conventional typology of the box museum. This exploration of a new museum typology is referencing the Optical Art of Bridget Riley as it is translated into architecture. The result of this study gave way to redefining the way art can be experienced through gallery space design and circulation techniques.Concept and diagrams page 1

Situated within the Chelsea district of Manhattan along The High Line the building façade implements the moiré effect. This is achieved through the use of a structural system of truss work that suspends the galleries in space. The structural system produces a distortion of solid versus void, thus distorting the reading of the building as a mass.

plan sec final board layoutGallery spaces of unusual size and shape requires special attention to be paid to the way a future exhibitions is curator. A typical method to hang art is no longer a possibility, but creates a platform for curators to explore. Accesses to these galleries are achieved through two preset skip-stop elevators beginning on The High Line level of the building. The user’s experiences is determined by the elevator chosen, which will drop them off either on the floor level of the gallery or the mezzanine level of each gallery. This allows the viewers to experience the art from angles and perspectives not typically seen in galleries.the goal of this study is provide an experience that will alter the reading and experience of art and the spaces they are viewed. The experience of art is one that typically prescribed and controlled which this project rejects while offering the opportunity to challenge the status quo of curation.Concept and diagrams page 1