studio book.inddstudio book.indd PIVOT is a building that connects space within the building’s site but also projects out to the neighboring community. The new HUB L.A. spaces borrows from the idea that technology and information knows no boundaries which is a part of networks and territories connecting people and business around the world. “CONNECTION BEYOND THE PHYSICAL SPACE”

 studio book.indd

Because the building is connected to the HUB network it is the interface for both the LA HUB and the individual HUB users. Each floor has two courtyards to escape the interior space and offer a relief to the users. The circulation and interior spatial organization are conceptually a series of loops made possible by the free plan design. 

studio book.indd studio book.indd studio book.indd studio book.indd

studio book.indd

The free plan offers the opportunity for the users to self organize and reorganize creating a range of spatial typologies. The courtyard can build and facilitate a creative moment which inspires an exchange of ideas and a deeper connection to the HUB communities. Unlike technology this building is limited to footprint it occupies but the idea of connection this building projects can transcend this making it a space for tasks not bound by walls or limits.