FINAL BOARDS print 2_Page_1FINAL BOARDS print 2_Page_2Located in Venice Italy the Hydro-terminal serves as a train terminal and a Hydroponics Farm. This project addresses the problem of an aging train station while offering a solution for a sustainable future in green technology. This idea was formulated out of Venice’ own history of tenant farming and community gardens and introduces a new industry to the city. Because Venice is  highly dependent on tourism this project offers a solution to reduces Venice’s dependency of tourism, which could lead to an up tick in Venetian residency. By utilizing Venice’s largest resources, water, hydro terminal brings a sustainable food source to a transportation hub while supporting, business growth, commerce, and enhancing the quality of life for Venetians.

FINAL BOARDS 12-14-10.aiAdditional programs include office tower, residential tower, hydroponic labs and nursery, markets and park space. Elevated walk ways, which references the cities unique circulation patterns of canals and narrow streets, provide vistas of the city framing some of the cities popular attractions.3 CMYK5 CMYK6 CMYKFINAL BOARDS print 1 of 2 fixed